14 July 2007

Mass Killings In Iraq

In his news conference, Pres Bush said that if the US were to pull out of Iraq, there would be massive amounts of violence.

With his policy in disarray, Mr Bush now describes the war in Iraq as a full-scale conflict with al-Qa'ida. In talking up al-Qa'ida's role in Iraq Mr Bush is attempting to tap into deep-seated American fears of terrorism. The oft-repeated mantra of 11 September 2001 provided him with support for the invasion in the first place. Now he is warning that there would be " mass killings on a horrific scale", if the US was forced to withdraw.

Did I miss something during the course of the day? What would you call 600 dead people in Baghdad alone in a single day? How long will the American people keep buying into this delusional pip-sqeek's fantasies?



Meme said...

"delusional pip-squeek's fantasies?"
ROFLOL!!! Boy, I love to read when people describe Bush with such colorful, yet truthful terms!
This morning, CNN reported that Al-Qaeda is stronger now than before 9/11 - first - Of course they are!
second - how long is Bush going to convince people that what we are doing is keeping America safer??!!??!!

CHUQ said...

True that! But think about it, there are some who still believe the "win the war" speech. That is what is so incredibly sad.

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