02 July 2007

England And The Bombs

Has everyone heard about the bomb attacks that occurred in London and Glasgow? If not, then I suggest you return your head to the sand and I will go on.

The news outlets have interviewed just about everyone but a squirrel in the park. we have heard ever angle from ever angle. Was it al-Qaeda in Britain?

Let us look at it! Bomb by club ws detected, bomb in park did not go off, Jeep in Scotland burst into flames but did not explode. Is that about it?

Does any of that sound like an al-Qaeda cell? F*CK NO! It sounds like amatuers trying to be a terrorist. They may think of themselves as al=Qaeda, but please stop calling them that! These are the same, lame bozos that f*cked up the Ft. Dix thing by taking the vid to be put on cd. Does not sound like the actions of dedicated terrorists? NO! It is wannabes, while they are dangerous, they are no al-Qaeda

All this action did was scare the living sh*t out of Brits! Other than that, it was a total waste of time. All these people did was give the War on Terror a shot in the arm and make it appear that the west is actually winning the war. It is good news for politicians, both US and Brit. Will it make the terrorists more cautious? No doubt! Will it help stop any future action. Not a chance!



Meme said...

Chuq, I just love your narrations... "the news outlets have interviewed just about everyone but a squirrel in the park" ROFLMAO.. So true, though!

I don't think this happening will deter any future terrorist actions, it ends up looking like a joke, in a way, the more of the story that we hear... If you know what I mean, it just goes to show up that the ones who were trying to pull it off were not so smart as they thought they were... Where will this lead? IMO, it will lead to other terrorist groups trying to do a better job.

CHUQ said...

These guys were either suppose to be the bumbling idiots or the A team wsas busy. The new teams will check all their connections before they go into action to be sure trhey are operational.

Meme said...

Yeah, where the hell is Mr. T when you need him... Or any of these crack teams from those tv shows that solve these types of crimes in less than an hour?

True, any terrorist organizations probably wouldn't have a hard time regrouping by the time anyone catches up with them...

CHUQ said...

This story just reinforces my dislike for doctors! HA!

Meme said...

This thing with them being doctors made me remember something... What was that group I heard about back in the 80's? something about doctors against nuclear war or something... Do you know what I'm talking about?

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