20 July 2007

Terroists Attack In '09?

Some are saying that the best time for a new attack on the US will be shortly after the new admin takes office. They will not firmly be comfortable with their new tasks and would possibly make a new attack much easier.

With the nation's intelligence analysts warning that a resurgent Al Qaeda could attempt another strike in the United States, homeland-security officials are refocusing on some of the nation's most apparent vulnerabilities.

At the top of the list is the January 2009 transition to a new administration – when a changing of the guard may leave the country less able to respond quickly and decisively to an attack.

The issue has gained urgency with last month's attempted car bombings in London and Glasgow, which occurred just days after British Prime Minister Gordon Brown assumed power.

Homeland-security and intelligence analysts in the US are analyzing the factors that have allowed Al Qaeda, characterized as "on the run" by President Bush last year, to recover enough to allow it to continue to be a serious threat to the next administration.

"Our preoccupation with Iraq provided Al Qaeda with breathing space at probably what was the most critical time for them to enable them to reconstitute themselves," says Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at the Brookings Institution, a research and policy group in Washington. "The other question boils down to our relationship with Pakistan: Al Qaeda would not have been able to revive had they not had the safe haven that they seem to enjoy in these tribal areas of Pakistan."

Above is the first couple of paragraphs from a story in nthe Christian Science Monitor. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Is this feasible?



tumbleweed said...

I don't think anyone can predict when they will stike next or where.IMO.

Saying it will be after the elections sounds a bit far fetched to me.

CHUQ said...

If they want to see what type of reaction the new Pres will come up with, it makes a little sense. For whatever action is taken, it will define the whole presidency, IMO.

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