30 July 2007

Professor's Classroom

Yet another Monday and another test! A good dose of mental masturbation is good for the soul.

OK class this week's question is about the Civil War.

Who was the last Southern general to surrender? Date and location of surrender?

Good luck and may the farce be with you!


Meme said...

Do you mean the last southern general to surrender his troops?

CHUQ said...

yes! The very last general to surrender his troops. Where and when. Any help?

CHUQ said...

Time is up; put down your pencils. The last southern general to surrender was Gen. Stand Wadie, CO of the 1st Cherokee mounted rifles in Doaksville Indian Territory on June, 1865.

Anonymous said...

haev yopu ever read the book rifles for waie??? i need a briefing of each chapter if you have...

bubba Gump said...

and his name was STAN wadie not stand.

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