06 July 2007

MY Iraq Prediction

Morning and I would like to go out on a limb with a prediction on Iraq. If you watch or read or listen to the news, then you know that all is not going so well in Iraq. But Bush is on this obscene messianic mission in Iraq. Everone is waiting with baited breath for Gen Prataeus and his report due in September. Opponents of the war see it as the final straw and that the war will be winding down afterwards.

I am beginning to think that it will prod Bush into asking and getting several thousnds more troops. It will be the final push, the way forward to victory. He and /or his advisors will see the report as a call for more troops. They will spin it and spin it until some negativities vrought out will be nullified.

IMO, this will be a fight among the repubs and the dems, but since some repubs are defecting the admin will spin it and bring them back into the fold.

I sincerly hope I am mistakened! But as of now, it do not think I will be.



tumbleweed said...

With the violence going from bad to worse in Iraq and their government on the verge of collapse it might be a real tough sell to deploy even more troopswhen the real problem is the Iraqi's themselves.

CHUQ said...

I think that will use a bait and switch on the public. Use troops to secure borders of Iraq and then move on into the country.

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