30 July 2007


I have another statement that I would like to put into the run for the most ANAL statement of the year.

It comes from my boy MITT!

" Romney told a crowd gathered at a golf course. "America is not happy with how the war in Iraq is going, and is angry. But America is not about to take a sharp left turn and put somebody in the White House who would turn America into a European-type state."

Mitt sure knows his stuff, huh?



tumbleweed said...

I'm not a fan of Romney's.He is a liberal pretending to be a conservative.

He hasn't tried selling his snake oil in the south yet.

CHUQ said...

He is a game show host and everytime he says a policy statement I wait for him to say, and the survey says. He is a politician he will tell them what they want to hear. IMO, we have had enough of those types, time for a change.

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