31 July 2007

Is Iraq Really Getting Safer?

In the last week or so I have heard three different people say that they have been in Iraq's al Anbar province and it was so safe that they walked around Ramadi without body armor. The last one was Pollock from the Brookings Institute. Is this true? I have seen no evidence of it being that safe. There are no photos of these guys walking around town without body armor. You would think that these people would bring back photos or footage to help illustrate the point. I have seen nothing!

I think it is more that the Bush admin are using these people to bolster their positionb when the ambassador and the general come to town for their report. This appears to be setting the stage for that report, IMO. They want to keep US troops in country for awhile longer and they are pumping up the only good news they have. That being the sunnis are doing a good job of whacking AQ's pee-pee.

So I say this is not really good news. It is manufactered news only to help Bush and his gang get what they want in September.


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Meme said...

I agree Chuq...
As far as I'm concerned, if there are no pictures to prove it, then I'm not a believer.

Remember when John McCain went over to prove how safe it was? The day after his little video was released, someone released the video showing how surrounded by troops he was!

I believe you are right, it's "manufactured" news to try to push something the Bush administration wants the Americans to believe.

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