15 July 2007

Weekly News Round-Up

By the clock on the wall I see it is Sunday and you know what that means? Another edition of the News UpDate!


1--John Carr, the guy from Thailand that killed JonBenet and then he did not; has been arrested again! This time he was not checking out 6 yr olds instead he was beating up a 86 yr old man. His girlfriend's father. We are not sure if it was a sexually attack or just two crazy guys bitch slappin' each other.

2--A robber enters bank with tree twigs duct taped to his head and made off with a pile of money. PEOPLE! I cannot make this shit up!

3--The world's most popular semi-auto weapon turns 60 yrs old--the AK-47. Nuff said!

4--(sniff, sniff) somethings burning. Where? Pick a spot west of the Mississippi and it is either burning or extremely wet. Just wait1 When the fires get to Oklahoma, Kansas, et al they will go out. Problem solved.

5--At the NAACP convention, the "N" word was officially laid to rest--it will longer be used. thinking....If you believe that please raise your hand.

6--NBC, not to be out done by CNN, when it pre-empt stuff for Paris, pre-empted a real news program to lket the world know that Miss NJ was gonna keep her crown. Thsi shit just keeps getting more pathetic daily. (excuse me I need to puke!)

7--and lastly, in Indonesia a woman whacks off guys wee-wee and runs thru the streets with it. Later it was sold by a street vendor as the dick of Emilia Erhardt.

The week ends and a new one begins--my blog continues--be there or be square!

Peace and I be gone!


Meme said...

Good thing this section is here, I have fallen behind in the news this week, so I knew you'd be here with the news to give me the blues, ha ha

Let's see if I do this correctly this week and don't lose my post, although I dare say this weeks will probably be shorter than last weeks.

*John Mark Carr - how come idiots such as he get so much press? It blows my mind that he gets the attention he seems to be craving. Don't they realize now that he apparently craved media attention when stating that he killed JonBenet? They are only giving this guy more of what he asked for, but does not deserve!

*Robber - OMG, Professor! Too funny! All I can picture is a guy looking like he is dressing as Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer, lol. I know, you say you can't make this up!

*AK-47 - what's that? just kidding, actually I didn't know it had been around that long.

*You smell something burning?

*The "N" word. I won't raise my hand, I know better.

*NBC - I wonder if these broadcasters will ever stop calling this crap "news"???? Where does it end? What qualifies as news? Do you suppose they'd be interested to know I can't stop my dog from poo-pooing next to the steps?

*Indonesian woman - I thought Lorena Bobbit was still in the U.S?

Chuq, have you heard about the new John Bobbit doll? .... Some assembly required.

Ok, enough.. I know, LOL LOL

CHUQ said...

Some assembly required! ROFLMAO! The robber stroy was my fav and btw he has not been caught! Apparently his camo is better than a mask. I heard one reporter say that they were looking behind every tree to find this guy. That is too funny, IMO>

AK47 was invented by a guy who fought at Stanlinbgrad and could believe the inferior weapons the russianbs had. He did well, it is the most popular weapon of war in the world.

The 'N" word thiung is sybolic and will go nowhere to limit the use.

News channels are for entertsainmnet not news.

Thanx for the visit same time next, dsame channel.

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