13 July 2007

Pope Craps In His Chili--Again!

Pope lion-o 23, or whatever he calls himself; first he pissed off Muslims with his cute raparte, then he pissed off others with a Latin Mass and now acording to the Associated Press, he states that protestants are not true churches. Now that ought to bring a wealth of goodwill to the Catholic Church.

But think about it! what would you expect from a past Nazi youth and the head of the Vatican's Dogma police? I mean his job was to control the section that was basically responsible for the Inquisition.

Seems this dude is doing all in his power to undo all the hard work that john-Paul put into making the world a better place. well done Lion-o you just keep proving that all those people that say you are a bigot, right!



Meme said...

I am not a catholic, but have to say that Pope John Paul did a lot for people and this new guy does, as you say, just seem to be undoing all the former pope had accomplished.

CHUQ said...

This guy is from the "dogma" police the ones who tortured and killed people back in the day. He is a devil in disguise, he wants to go back to the days when the church had the ONLY power in the world. Sounds like his statement about Muslims was not a misunderstanding, IMO.

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