07 July 2007

Same Song--Different Year

This is a piece I wrote to send to Lou Dobbs about a year ago when he became a rabid spokesman for the anti-immigration people. I have also posted it on a few forums.

What Is New With The Immigration Thing?

NOT A G*DD*MN THING! Does that answer the f*cking question? Every agrument that is being made today has been made in the past. Let me say that again, EVERY argument that is being made today has been made in the past. I have tried to be neutral in this, but enough is enough! I am personally, sick of the sanctimonious bullshit!

When exactly was that? I am glas you asked! About 30 years ago we had an influx of immigrants, they were called refugees and not illegals and guess what the same objections were voiced then as now. They will take American jobs. They will be a drain on society. They do not speak english. They are demanding benefits without pay their dues for the priviledge. Yada, f*cking yada.

Who are these people that I am accusing of this? The Vietnamese! Maybe you are too young to recall, but nothing been said is NEW! Back in the day, everybody had an opinion. I guess about the only difference was the wording of the description of the people. They were refugees. Today the people are called illegals. The wording is everything. It is more politically correct to use illegals and it makes for good fodder for the talk shows. Other than that there is NO difference.

How do I know all this? I lived through it! I do not need Google to refresh my memory. As a Vietnam vet I was one of the opponents of the mass influxion of 'refugees'. I saw them recieve all sorts of perks for coming here; perks that as a Viet vet I could not get. As a matter of fact, the Viets were given free shrimp boats and free gas so that they could become useful residents of the Coast. Local shrimpers were pissed, they started saying that they would starve because the government did not care about their plight. Several really ugly confrontations were gonna happen. Does any of this sound familiar? Well, no one starved to death and eventually all learned to play nice with each other. I was vocal and I was dead set against them coming to this country. Even to this day, my town has an on call linguist because not all Vietnamese speak english. Even today, In my town there are bi-lingual signs, etc, does not seem to be a problem, so why is a sign in Spanish a problem. The Viets were not forced to become citizens and some to this day still are not. The younger ones became citizens but not all the parents. Do you people that are yelling the loudest about the drawbacks of all the Mexicans worried about the others? F*ck No! You learned to live with it. Do it again!

As with the Vietnamese, the problem the US is facing now, will be just fine. Last the mexicans are working from day one, most of the time. It was not so with the Vietnamese, but it all worked out in the wash and the Vietnamese became valued members of American society. It will be the same again! This immigration thing is just away to keepd the American people focused on something besides the declining quality of life in this country. It is working and you people are letting it succeed.

The Mexicans like the Viets are hard working people and that should be all that concerns anyone. But NOOOOOOO! You have to turn this into an ugly debate that is not and will not solve the problem.

So yes, I have an opinion and it does and did not matter. Mine like yours does not matter. All I can say is, welcome to the f*cking debate!



tumbleweed said...

The Hispanics are here and there is a need for their labor. I want them to seal the damn borders, then process the ones who are here. With the baby booomers coming on board we are going to need all the bed pan changers we can get.

CHUQ said...

Securing borders, should be the priority and let the other stuff work itself out in the wash.

ppl will say that we owe3d the Viets something, well OK, but then with that thinking we could say that we owe the Mexicans something, because of NAFTA there have been more ppl neecding work.

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