25 July 2007

Come September

Bush says:

President George W. Bush argued forcefully today that an Al Qaeda-affiliated group in Iraq is linked tightly to the central Al Qaeda leadership, and that for American forces to leave Iraq without defeating the terror group would be “dangerous for the world and disastrous for America.”

A new report says:

Despite its lead role in protecting the nation's critical assets, the Department of Homeland Security is three years late in developing a plan to protect its own facilities from terrorist attacks, according to a new report.

Instead, the department has relied on a patchwork of efforts by its many components, leading to uneven results, the congressional watchdog office finds.

Another report says:

In a new intelligence bulletin obtained by NBC News, the Transportation Security Administration is warning law-enforcement and airport officials that terrorists "may be" conducting "preattack security probes" at U.S. airports.The unclassified bulletin, dated July 20 and marked "For Official Use Only," is titled "Incidents at U.S. Airports May Suggest Possible Pre-Attack Probing.""A surge in recent su

OK I am tired of reading! Bush and his Boyz are pulling out all stops as we run up to the September progress report. The Fear Card is in full swing. I enjoy all these attempts to influence. Sad thing, it will probably work! Divert attention as far away from Iraq as you can and what better way to do that than slide the fear card out there for the media to zero in on?


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