16 July 2007

Professor's Classroom

Mickey's little hand is on the 7 and his big hand is on Monday. time for the brain drain. In the past some of the questions have been too easy and I will try to make them a little more difficult and mind expanding, without the taking of a pill! HA!

This week's question is one for those who written word as all powerful. The below quote is from a revolutionary document, which one?

"You that love mankind! You that dare oppose, not only tyrzanny, but the tyrant, stand forth! Every spot of the old world is overrun with oppression. Freedom hath been hunted around the globe. asia, and Africa, have long expelled her....Europe regards her like a stranger......receive the fugitive, and prepare in time an asylum for mankind."

Who wrote it and where is it written?

A few words were changed to make it more modern sounding, but the basic text is the same.

Good Luck and I await your research!


Meme said...

It was written by Thomas Paine, taken from paragraphs 17 and 21-24 of the section titled “Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs.”.

Common Sense was first published anonymously by Paine on January 10, 1776.

*All I could find about where he wrote it is that while he was imprisoned in France in 1793, he began writing the "The Age of Reason" - but couldn't find exactly if this is where he began to write the part of Common Sense we are discussing.

~What else I found interesting~

This Quote:

"Without the pen of Paine, the sword of Washington would have been wielded in vain." John Adams

These Facts: (interesting...)
*He paid for the first printing himself.
*Paine dedicated his share of the royalties of the pamphlet to buy mittens for Continental Army soldiers.
*General George Washington ordered it to be read to the troops on December 25, 1776, prior to the crossing of the Delaware for the attack on Trenton.

Thanks for the history lesson, as usual, I learned more than I set out to find! :-)

CHUQ said...

DARN! Girl you be quick! Paine, IMO, was the revolution. I have always considered him as the hero that has been forgotten. He should be there above Franklin, Jefferson and the rest of the rich guys. Thomas Paine has my vote as the most influential person in the Revolutionary era.

Well done! this is getting too easy. The next one will be a killer! lol

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