23 July 2007

Democrats--What Are They Thinking?

The president's overall approval rating has sunk to 28%. Pathetic right? Not so when you consider that he is twice as popular as the Congress, who approval rating is about 14%. What happened to the joy and the promise of a new direction of american politics? They are dipsticks and by the way, I Told You So!

These mental midgets need to move on from the War stuff, they are being beat constantly; they do not have the votes to be successful. Move on to domestic issues!

BTW, Congress will have an August break and be back after Labor Day. Since they are hot for the Iraqis to stay and keep working, why not practice what they preach. They should stay in washington until they get something, anything done.

And you thought things would get better because you voted these pathetic losers into office. How do you feel about it now?


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