18 July 2007

Senate's All Night Session

I was in the the middle of another sleepless night and decided to watch the all night special on CSPAN. What can I say? How do you explain the show?

Assclowns! Pathetic! WTF?

This dog and pony show was a waste of time and taxpayers money.

Every Senator that got up to speak, echoed party line. McCain was a bit animated, maybe he should try that on the campaign trail and he would not be scratching his ass wondering what has happened. Both parties when speaking would say that all the soldiers they had talked with were saying, one thing or another, whichever line they taking. So I guess that soldier speaks for all in Iraq? Stupid tactic!

Then the Repubs that spoke, quoted the Iraq Study Group report, but yet 8 months ago it was dismissed and the quotes were taken out of context, for the most part. And there was the inevitable, "the soldiers I spoke with asked, why do they only show the bad, never the good that is in Iraq". And then NO ONE offers up anything that is good. That alone should tell you things are not GOOD!

Recently, a lot was made of the Repub defections, right? That they want a new tact in Iraq. A new plan, if you will. But the Repubs have said that a simple majority (51) is not good enough it should be 60 votes for the bill. Does not sound like they are too damn serious about a new tact, IMO.

The only Senator I was impressed with was Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Wash) is brought up the oil law that is in deep contention. She also pointed out for the record that the law as is would give Iraq control of 17 or the 80 oil fields, the rest would be controlled by corporations. She and Biden are offering up a bill that would eliminate any permanent bases in Iraq and give Iraq complete control over their oil.

All in all, being an insomniac sucks, but it gave me the chance to watch the ASSCLOWNS in action. BTW, the government is DYSFUNCTIONAL and anybody that pays attention would have the same conclusion. Time for a COMPLETE change, not just some dipstick pres, but all the so-called representatives; they are worthless and paid way too much for their participation in the government.

In conclusion let me sum up the night of the long session. Dysfunctional! Delusional! Pathetic! Assclowns! I guess I should say something positive. (thinking.....thinking....) I'm going to bed.



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