04 July 2007

Iraqi politics

A Comparison: Iraq And The US

I am taking a different tact than most others, there has been a comparison between Iraq and Vietnam, which I pretty much agree with. In Iraq, there has been talk upon talk about the government meeting certain benchmarks, before the US can even consider withdrawing from the country. Such things as a reconciliation government, oil law, control violence, etc. Recently, the Iraq parliment, considered taking two monthys off from their session. Jeez, this started a swirl of BS the the States, everybody from Senators, to journalist to the Pres condemned this possible action.

Let us see, the two months they were considering taking off were the two hottests months in Iraq, for one. And for another, electrical service is hit and miss in Iraq and the building where they meet could have no service making it just about unbearable, at best. What would YOUR Congress do if they were faced with the same situation? Do you think the pamered fat cats would continue to work if they were uncomfortable? Very flippi' doubtful!

The Iraq Parliment has been accused of getting nothing done to help the country. Once again, ask yourself, just what has YOUR Congress done for the country. Better yet what had they accomplished in the last six months? Raise the minimum wage--good they raised so destitute workers can move up to living in poverty. That was an amazing accomplishment on there part.

But wait! They did accomplish something! The House voted themselves a raise to begin in January 2008. Does that tell you why they are in Washington? If you think they are there on your behalf, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!

I said last December, that these pigs were a do nothing lot and so far they have not proved me wrong. My point is, to condemn the Iraqis for doing nothing is a bit hypocritical, but then again hypocrites make the best politicians.



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