17 July 2007

Could This Be The Answer To Iraq?

I have no problem with this if his plan is workable then why not go for it?

A Solution to the War in Iraq, is being offered by a US Army intelligence officer fed up with the conflict and anxious to attract some attention to what he says is a viable and face-saving solution to the four-year-old conflict.

"I am offering the winning bidder the solution to the war in Iraq," the seller, identified as "cptnabil", said in the bid.

"This is not a flippant or facetious offer ... if you are the high bidder, I will send you a viable solution to the conflict in which we are currently engaged," the seller wrote.

The New York Post on today identified the seller as Army Captain Thad Krasnesky, who describes himself on eBay as a US Army military intelligence officer with an extensive background in the Middle East.

"I speak the language and understand the culture, history, and religion, well enough to construct a fair, honourable, and successful plan."

Everything else is sold on ebay, why not a solution to the Iraq war? thoughts?


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