03 July 2007

Scooter Is Da Man!

Please a show of hands--how many thought this was a sure thing? Does anyone really think that this guy was actually do time?

This was a given--Libby was NEVER gonna do time and after the appeal system has run its course he will get the full pardon. Why? Silence comes with a price. I am just thrilled that there is a major news story here. About 60% of the American people knew this was gonna happen and those that did not know were in a coma and believe the statement, your check is in the mail.

I smell a fellowship at the American enterprise institute, that is where all neocon scum bags work after they leave office.



Meme said...

I raise my hand... Do you see me? Right here... in the front of the classroom (yes, I answered the question of the week, I need a gold star, lol)

I never thought for a moment that Libby would serve ANY time for this, I mean, come on... All the money spent on this trial, can't remember the figure, but, it was a total waste of money, IMO, and probably many people's opinions.

CHUQ said...

But that had toi make it appear that justice was gonna be served, that way a pardon woulkd not be that hard to swallow for most people.

Meme said...

True... good way to think of it! I'm sure that was their intention all along.

CHUQ said...

I am confident that he will get a full pardon after the appeal process.

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