17 April 2008

At Last! The Final Debate!

Can I have an amen? With luck and God's help, will not have to go through another debate until the Fall. We can only pray. Is that because I am bitter? You bet your ass I am! I am full of the crap spread by the candidates.

On to the Dem Debate of last nite. If you have made up your mind on which candidate you will vote for, then this debate did nothing but waste your time. Issues were rehashed, that is a lie, few issues and more about personal stuff. about lies, mis-speaks, condescending,, yada, yada.

Clinton was Clinton--she was sorta nice which leads me to think she is bi-polar. She hot and cold running on Obama. Obama was Obama--he tried to stay above the personal crap, but as usual got sucked into it by the media.

If you were looking for a winner--then it was those that went to bed and got some nookie. All in all, if you watch the news regular then the debate was a total waste of time.

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