23 April 2008

A Political Reality Check

Surrogates on both sides of the Dem campaigns are playing race card, fear card, and several other cards. Please make them stop! All this he said, she said silliness must stop. When talking about to "real" people and not the pundits that are looking for that hook that they can use for a couple of days or even a couple of weeks. Appears the people are getting weary of this negativity, the voters are worried about losing their home or how to feed the kids and the candidates spend all their time spreading manure. Voters really want specifics on issues and not who goes bowling, or does a shooter, or who the candidate has met in the past.

Even when I say that, it appears that I could be mistaken by the vote in Pennsylvania. I have watched this process from the beginning and it is the media that is setting the tone and the direction of these campaigns. Manure is just good ratings. For that reason whenever the candidates are interviewed it is some obscure BS instead of the issues that is talked about. They seem to refuse to make the candidates to face "real" issues that the people need to know.

If this crap continues through the convention, then I could foresee a low voter turn out in the Fall. Why? The voter will see that the change both candidates promise, is just that a promise that will be broken and NOTHING will change in Washington. If there is a low voter turn out then I see McCain winning the general.

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