23 April 2008

What Are The Issues, Now?

Have learned some learned people, men and women, talk about forgotten issues of this election season. Such as education, inner city crime, etc. These people are saying that the candidates are missing an excellent opportunity to discuss these issues on the national stage. That they have the perfect platform for that dialog.


Okay, where have these smart people been? When we "real" issues ever been the focal point of an election season? (Pause for thought) NEVER! That is when!

The worse group is the mainstream media. These "people" and I use the term losely, concentrate on BS issues and seldom on "real" ones. Sensationalism always trumps reality with the pundits.

Campaigns may start off with the best of intentions, but it quickly degrades into the slinging of mud. Let us be realistic--campaigns are about popularity and electability--seldom about the issues. That would be just Un-American! To put issues and problem solving, ahead of ego.


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