13 April 2008

Professor's Weekly News UpDate

It is Sunday, a day of rest and contemplation.

I Bring you the news
No One could possibly use
I consulted my muse
But she was high on booze.

Most of the news was election related, but the media did get a few worthless stories into the reports.

1--Charlton Heston rolls boxcars--dies at 84

2--More polygamists found and arrested in Texas--these people are just nuts--why would anyone want more than one wife?

3--More auto crashes, House fires, Armed stand offs and school lock downs

4--12 yr old girl found working in strip club in Dallas--she was doing what strippers do

5--More crappy weather in the heartland

6--Olympic torch is catching hell from Tibetans no matter where it goes.

7--Yet another English judge has determined that Princess Di is STILL dead

That was the news and I hope you have a sh*tty day

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