20 April 2008

Weekly News UpDate

Between the candidates playing he said she said and the Pope, not much more was reported on, but I did find a bit of crap that is worthless.

Listen to some blues
Grab a shot of booze
I give you the NEWS
No one could possibly Use

1--Dr. Phil trying to interferes again into the lives of people trying to boost ratings

2--More plane crashes, more stupid hikers, more house fires, more auto crashes

3--Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic--rivots did it!

4--More teen violence videos--eventually someone will address this problem

5--New record high for oil

6--Yankee Derek Jeter sics bodyguards onto autograph hunters--they were kids

7--5.2 earthquake in Illinois

8--More fires in California, Colorado and Montana

This past week was the same as the one before and the before it and..........

Have a week! Peace!

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