01 April 2008

Voter Optimism

I think it is great that the American people have this built in optimism. They see the silver lining to most storm clouds. A recent poll showed that the people everything will be ok by the end of '09. It seems they are booking this on the next election and that the new president will make everything good.

Personally, I think this cockeyed optimism is a bit delusional. If one looks at the indicators, then the future, at least the near future is not that bright. The fact that gold is pushing $1000 an ounce points to the approach of inflation.

Will gas go down to a safe level? Do not think so! Food prices will stay where they are now. BTW, you can thank your idiot government for that. Why? The push for ethanol, E85.

To the working stiff, all I can say is tighten your belt, there will be some lean months ahead.

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