08 April 2008

Good News From Pennsylvania?

It has been reported heavily that the rolls of the voting population are growing in the state thanks in part to the energized Democrats. There has not been a charge to the polls like this season, in many years. And it is not just a PA thing; it is happening all over the country. Such energy has not been the norm and may well lead to the best and most voted election in decades.

Republican strongholds are becoming democratic now.

The four suburban counties have long been Republican strongholds, with more Republican voters than Democratic ones. The last time there were more Democrats than Republicans seems lost in the mist of time.

But a new day is here. Voter enrollment in both Montgomery and Bucks Counties has flipped from Republican to Democratic.

The registration deadline was March 24, and tens of thousands of new registrations flooded in, from both new voters and party switchers.

Well this be good news for the democrats or the repubs? Only the voter can answer that and the media will report it. But my question is will it be the best vote for the country as a whole?

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