06 April 2008

Professor's weekly News UpDate

Primaries, elections, negativity, speeches, and lie.....that was the major news of the week...but there were a few worthless POS that did slither their way into the broadcasts.

If it is worthless
And it is news
time for that long overdue snooze.

1--Obama bowls a 37 in Penn.--did not think this would be big news--but i was mistaken.

2--Chinese Olympians use powered deer penis as an enhancer......I cannot make this shit up!

3--3rd graders in GA. plan to kill their teacher for scolding them.....they had a plan and the equipment....and you think this is a healthy society......guess again!

4--More cops being caught being stupid on camera......are they that stupid?

5--More car chases, crashes, more weather, more celebs being morons.....yada, yada

6--An English judge has rules that Princess Di is still DEAD!

Good-bye and good day---may all your children be born naked!

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