21 April 2008

Media Comments On Obama's Negativity

Senator Barack Obama sharpened his tone against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday as the six-week Pennsylvania primary contest raced to a close, with the rivals marshaling extensive resources in a battle for undecided vote.

In television commercials and in appearances before crowded rallies, Mr. Obama, of Illinois, cast his opponent in one of the most negative lights of the entire 16-month campaign, calling her a compromised Washington insider. Mrs. Clinton, of New York, responded by suggesting that Mr. Obama’s message of hope had given way to old-style politics and asked Democrats to take a harder look at him.

But wait! Did not Bill Clinton tell him to suit up or stay on the bench? Did not Hillary tell him to stand the heat or get out of kitchen? But when he takes their advice he is negative. Clinton is looking more and more desperate. She attacks and then does not want attacks in return. Seems she is the one in the fantasy world.

I have covered the whining thingy...so read that and enjoy.

But wait yet again! Now TV pundits are jumping on this and his negative campaign, but say little that Clinton brought it onto herself. They make a big deal of of the latest tracking poll and how He is only a few pts ahead of her, but yet when he was 11 pts ahead it was not worth more than a mention.

Tell me again...how is the media unbiased? It is the silly season!

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