24 April 2008

Candidates And Pep Rallies

I hate pep rallies! The candidates, all the candidates, and their stump speeches are just that....a pep rally. Complete with cheers, jeers, yells, whistles, applause and even a fight song, in some cases. It is all about winning, just like a high school pep rally.

Apparently, the American voter appreciates being treated like a juvenile. I guess that makes sense , since the mental capacity of most is about that of a 14 year old. That could go to explain it.

A good example, in Pennsylvania union, blue collar, non-college working class voted large for Clinton. Thinking...thinking....does anyone remember Bill and NAFTA? He basically, gave away their jobs to overseas. And they expect someone who supported the original agreement to somehow bring those jobs back? Yeah, right!

And then white women voted for a white woman...go figure.

Here is my fav, catholics voted for Clinton, but will mostly likely help elect McCain. Does anyone else see the utter lunacy of any of this? Does anyone see the game being played here?

This shows me that: 1--the voter is uninformed.....a polite way of saying stupid. 2--they like this stupid little game of politics makes them feel a little important for a short while. 3--Finally, there vote will probably not count, because the power elite already have their choice for president.

May the force be with you!

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