11 April 2008

When Will It End?

Well if Clinton is telling the truth, it will end at the convention. CRAP! Do you mean that we must hear the same song a dance for another couple months? Crap! It is whining! Why can she not stick to the issues? I know winning is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the issues. Once again she has shown that the campaign is all about her and not what is needed for the people of this country.

I once said that she appeared as a harpy and boy did I catch hell for that.....I was accused of being a sexist, which I found a bit humorous coming from people who do not know me and definitely do not know Greek mythology. May I suggest that one look up what a harpy is and they will see that the analysis is pretty accurate. I stand by that analysis and if you are too lazy to find the definition then you may attack again. Or better yet, YOU CAN BITE ME!

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