30 April 2008

Issues For The Democrats

Some have asked why the candidates do not speak more on the issues at hand. Think about it! The media seldom asks questions on issues, they prefer to continue to pick the crap to report on. There is another reason why the issues are not so important.

I bet you would like to know why? The answer is very simple--with the two Dem candidates there is not a spit worth of difference in there stands on the issues.

Here are just a few of the comparisons:

On abortion: Obama-pro Clinton--pro
On China--neither have a solid position
ON health care--similar positions with minor differences, but neither is universal
On Iraq--both favor a timetable with minor differences
On gay marriage--both are opposed
On social security privatization--both oppose

Just a few of the issues that voters will be looking at. I realize that my comparison is a simplistic, but if one wants clarification, then I suggest that one visit their websites.

If one is a voter on issues then the decision will not be an easy one, but most Americans go past issues and head straight for the personality. If that is one's plan then I say good luck with that--but please if later they are dissatisfied with their choice, keep quiet, because they were stupid enough to vote for a personality, they will just have to live with their choice for the time being.

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