21 April 2008

Professor's Classroom

It is Monday and all can be happy to start another week......I was talking with a good friend about how the mistakes in American history are seldom talked about I thought I would offer this question for the quiz today.

Let's look at the War of 1812, the Americans came up with a plan to try an cripple the Brits. They were gonna have a 3 prong attack into Canada. With the hopes that it would stifle the Brits and their march across America.

the questions is: Name the commanders of each prong and what they accomplished?

Google awaits! Have a day and will have a nap!

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CHUQ said...

The War of 1812 was not the US military finest hour. The 3 prong attack into Canada was a disaster on all 3 prongs.

1--prong 1--commanded by William Hull--never made it to Canada--surrendered in Detroit without firing a shot.

2--prong 2--Gen. Stephen Van Rensselaer--3100+ army attacked into Canada and was quickly overwhelmed by the Brits

3--prong 3--Gen. Henry Dearborn--troops mutinied and refused to invade Canada.

The US won the War but only by the grace of God, not by military prowess.

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