04 April 2008

It Was The Best Of Times

I keep hearing the media a Clinton supporters that say some of her appeal is the good times that was had during her husband's reign. But I ask what has those good times brought?

NAFTA comes to mind! This was a brain child of Bill and the DLC. What did it do for the country? An increase in illegal immigration and the loss of many, many manufacturing jobs, well a lot of all blue collar jobs. It is kinda like sex, a great momentary feeling and then the CLAP!

Bill also was a contributor to the corporate control of the media, something that is helping fuel the racism and sexism of this election. Not news, but corporate play.

Yes, there were some good times during Bill's reign, but today shows the REAL consequences of their actions. So if you are voting for the good times of the past, try to keep in mind what those momentary good times have cost you in the present.

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