02 April 2008

In What World?

I listen to the media and their ramblings daily and all I can ask is, in what world do these people live? I guess if your corporate owners pay you 6 figures then you have to massage their genitalia on a regular basis.

On 10 Apr 08, the markets soared up by almost 400 pts, that is good, if you are luckiy enough to have enough money to invest, that is, and most political pundits highlighted the rise as a sign of just how healthy the US economy is.

I ask, with that rise in the markets, how many American families lost their home yesterday? I even heard one moron pundit say that most of Americans are losing only on paper. WTF? In what world do these ass wads live? Do they buy food? Do they buy gas? Sorry but that is not a paper problem, it is a wallet problem.

Must be wonderful to have an expense account that reimburses you for the money you spend on such items. The problem is that most Americans do not have that luxury. Most American families do not make enough money for these situations not to effect them. Families, unfortunately, have to live in the real world and not the Fantasy Land that political pundits live in.

May I suggest that if they really want to know what is happening economically to the American people then try talking to real people and ignore the wealthy bullshit artists.

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