22 April 2008

Return Of Vlad The Impaler

The Dem candidates are spending the last couple of days min Pennsylvania--trying to impale each other on there stands and words. No longer is the issues the most important, it is how hard and accurate c an you impale your opponent on something said or people they know. Vlad was an enthusiastic impaler and the Dem candidates are no different.

Clinton impales Obama on the spike of "bitter", Obama impales Clinton on the spike of NAFTA and well you get the idea. Little is said about how the Dems will beat McCain in the Fall, just beating up on each other. Sado-Masochistic comes to mind. Just as Vlad's implaing show his extreme cruelty, the candidates are showing their true colors--it is not necessarily about the issues, but more about them.

The Dem voter has got to be cringing at the sight of these impalings, they seem to be on auto-destruct. If Clinton gets a lead in PA, then watch for the Vlad-like tactics to continue and get worse the closer they get to Denver.

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