25 April 2008

McCain And Poverty

John McCain has said the government is not the only answer to solving the problem of poverty. Here are his thoughts on poverty.

In his formal remarks, Mr. McCain distinguished himself from Johnson as a Republican who would not turn solely to government for solutions to poverty. “I have no doubt President Johnson was serious and had the very best of intentions when he declared the war on poverty in America,” Mr. McCain said. “But the army that he enlisted was mostly drawn from the ranks of government bureaucracies.”

In contrast, Mr. McCain called for a “People Connect Program” that would provide tax breaks to private companies and federal loans and low-interest bonds to small towns to help provide high-speed Internet service to isolated communities like Inez — a way, he said, “to knit together all of the United States with 21st-century information networks” that “will make location less of a factor in the potential for economic success.”

This is just lovely. This has been the answer to poverty the whole time tax cuts for the rich......someone please explain that thinking to me. I have missed that chapter on social justice. But have that types of solutions been tried in the last decades and poverty continues and continues to rise. So once again, I ask you to explain this thinking to me.


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