19 April 2008

Who Won The Debate?

Originally, I said that the onloy winner was those people that went to bed and got some nookie, but it appears that there was more to it than that. It was the most watched debate to date. In some areas it was more popular than American Idol.

Onward and up ward......most media pundits, newspapers ands such are saying that Obama had is worse debate to date and Clinton was clearly on her game. Good analysis for the most part, but there is a disconnect.

Contessa Brewer on MSNBC's afternoon news show said that they had received 12,000+ text messages saying that Obama had won the debate. But yet I have heard no other pundit mention this fact.

Why the disconnect from pundit to people? Difference in my opinion, that is not the story the media wants. The texters are most likely voters and will probably vote for Obama. Yet the media will not report on that, instead that keep thumping their chests for Clinton. The disconnect is what the media wants you to believe and what is reality is seldom the same, especially in politics.

As I keep saying, IMO, the media appears to be deep into the Clinton pocket.

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