15 April 2008

The Texas Polygamist Compound

Lots has been said about the raid on the compound that took 416 kids off of it. A lot of condemnation of the practice has been out there. Why? well, for on ehting it does not fit in with out puritan sensibilities. That is about it!

I heard one media pundit vent his rage over the fact that a 16 yr girl had 4 kids. He went on and on about the abuse that caused this situation. Was it abuse.....after thinking it over and not being part of the investigation, I cannot answer that question...But it did bring a question to mind....What about a 16 yr old living in the country of, say Kentucky, with 4 kids--is that abuse or will it be written off as just a horny little tart?

Personally, I do not understand for the craving of more than one wife.....I mean it is difficult to keep one happy why would anyone want more than the one?

Beyond all the fluff on TV, if this is their religion and they have no problem with it, then it is none of anybody's business but those involved. This sounds like arranged marriages in other countries and the US has no problem looking the other way on those.

It is time for this story to die and the media needs to move on and stop editorializing about others religion.


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