03 April 2008

Professor's Congressional Scorecard

This past month of March, the Congress spent as little time as possible on actual legislation. And as usual I will give my analysis of the past month's work for our Reps. But first, the scores so far this year:

January 08--1 step backwards

February 08--No step--a stand still

Mar ch 08--

1--failure to override torture veto--backwards
2--Failure to override FISA--backwards
3--Failure to pass the Empolyees Freedom of Choice Act--backward
4--Hearings on oil profits--forward--not a good step but in the right direction.

Those were the major issues that the Congress faced and the score for March is 2 steps backwards.

Since the new Congress has taken over, they have NEVER moved forward. Now someone remind me of why we sent these people to Washington?

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