09 April 2008

Iraq Hearings

Yes, I am a political geek, I watched both Iraq hearings on the tube. Just about the most boring day I have ever spent. As we would expect, the Repubs for the most part, did the "at a Boys" and the Dems ask real questions. But the Ambassador and the general gave the same basic speech they gave 6 months ago. It was a diatribe of what is going right and little said about what was going wrong. They all ask the same basic question, will the Iraqis be able to stand on their own? The answer was a 10 min diatribe of what ifs and maybes.

Then in the Foreign Relations Ctme hearings it became a bit more clear, at least for me. Sen. Biden's opening statement was just amazing (will post as soon as it is available) Hagel ask hard questions, as did Obama, but the answers were not as well thought out as the questions.

All in all, not many questions were answered, as it was 6 months ago, basically it was all the good news we could stand and little about the crap that is really going on. The hearings at the Armed Services Cmte was all partisan, lots of back slapping and lots of questions--little answers.

The testimony before the Foreign relations was a bit more detailed than the previous hearing. Lots of excellent questions, few excellent answers. Nothing new the same rhetoric by Bush cronies. All is well in Iraq and we need to stay much longer.

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