18 April 2008

Who Is The Elitist?

For a week or more the term "elitist" has been shuffled around in the media, but their weak definition has not explained it to the people. Most are not sure what the hell an elitist is. Maybe I can help.

From the beginning of political philosophy by the Sophists, especially Trasymachus, whose ideas lead to an elitist theory. His thoughts on politics were: Politics is a struggle, The stronger dominate the weaker and make laws favoring themselves. That is pretty simplistic, but for clarity we will keep it so.

A more modern definition is that the elite assumes that the individuals have an inborn desire for power, once obtained will guard it jealously. Those in government will use all avenues to retain power to include force, chicanery, ideological appeal. Basically, the society is divided into two sectors, the elitist and the people.

Now Clinton is calling Obama an elitist, IMO, that is like a callgirl calling a street walker a whore. She is just pandering to the people and taking advantage of a situation. She is an elitist, by her own words she has been in the power structure for 35 years.

I Think of something that Mike Barnacle said about Clinton calling Obama an elitist. He said, "You will have to soak your face in cement to keep from laughing."

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