02 March 2008

An Economic Election?

In the beginning there was war. Then the war turned to gloom in the economy and now this election season is all about the economy. But why is that?

Gas prices up
Food prices up
Housing down 9%
Consumer confidence down
Wholesale inflation up 1%
Retail sales sluggish at best
Economic growth up a dismal .6%

Then there is oil which is closing above 100 a barrel even as high as $102.59 a barrel
Here is the one to watch---GOLD--it is approaching $1000 an ounce--this is an indicator of inflation approaching.

With all this sh*tty news the "money" shows on the tube tell us that the economy is weak but still dynamic. What the hell does that mean? That means that speculation is good. Millionaires making billions in the speculation markets. But the average Joe is sitting a table going over his bills deciding who will be paid this month and who will just have to wait.

None of that tells me that this a dynamic economy, even though it may be a bit weak for now.

Now people will go and vote first in the primaries and then the general election. I suggest they check out each candidate and see if they truly have a position on the economy that will help the average working family out of the economic mess that this administration has put them in.

If you buy into the snow job that corporate tax cuts will create more jobs, then my friend you are delusional and will most likely make a disastrous choice for president. Just remember when you and your children are eating cat food that your vote was the reason why you are in so deep that there may not be a light waiting at the end of the tunnel.


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