10 March 2008

It Is The Economy, Stupid!

Seems that the Iraq War has taken a backseat to the economy. Everything about the economy is beginning to suck. housing, wages, fuel, food all continues to sky rocket upwards. So it is only natural that it would become the most important issue in the presidential campaign.

A recent exit poll in Ohio showed that Clinton was favored on the economy and that is where the votes were cast. But why is she favored? Is it her policies? If so, someone give me specifics, for all I have heard are vaguely general. I hear both candidates tell me about a woman that is about to lose her house, or the man that cannot support his family, or the family being crushed by health care cost. All is good, but I want their names and want to see what they really said. I do not like bovine fecal matter and I feel there is a wealth of it in this election.

Clinton is favored on the economy, again Why? Is her policies that much better. or could it be that the voter is just remembering how good the economy was under Bill? If this is the fact, then Hil is running on Bill's record not hers.

Anytime someone wants to disagree with me, be my guest but give me specifics.

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