08 March 2008

Why Resign?

Recently, Samantha Power, an Obama adviser has resigned for comments that she made to a Scottish paper. Now I am pissed! She resigned to save Obama face, that is noble, but where were all these calls for resignations from the Clinton a/holes that were pushing the idea of Obama as a drug dealer. There was outrage but where was the resignations of Penn and the morons?

For weeks Clinton has been whining about the media giving Obama a free ride. What total bulllshit! The Clintons are getting there way everywhere looks like the fix is in. look Power resigns thanks to the media. Schuster gets time off. Matthews is not allowed to say the obvious and he goes on air and gravels at the feet of the political GODS! screw them. I am sick of the sanctimonious bullshit from the Clintons. No one in this country owes these people anything!

Obama is being played. Hopefully Power is still an adviser but behind the scenes. She gets my vote as the best person of the week. She told the truth and it bit her in the butt and she took the heat. My kinda woman. If I ever run for office I will look her up, I prefer people that do not play the PC bs. Now Obama is in a conundrum --voters do not like a loser.....voters do not like a weak candidate....voters do not like negativity.....where he puts his faith now will determine his future.

I wish Ms Power all the luck and if I ever run for office I will contact her. I like her style of straight talk, it is refreshing and honest. Keep up the good work. And thank you.

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