25 March 2008

The Iraq War--5 Yrs Later

Oh good, 4000 deaths and the Prez has this to say, "One day people will look back at this moment in history and say thank God there were courageous people willing to serve because they laid the foundations for peace for generations to come [and] I have vowed in the past and I will vow so long as I am president to make sure that those lives were not lost in vain,"

Just who has the deaths benefited? The Iraqis? Do not think so! The US? Well, yes, there it is, the answer. Who has gotten rich off the invasion? Halleburton, Blackwater, and others within the military-industrial complex.

On the tube when Cheney was ask about the opposition to the war by the American people, he said "SO". Now there is the real answer to why the war continues. The elites want it, so be it.

Language is being used by the WH to control the situation and the attitudes toward the war. What? Take surge for instance, a surge is a limited influx of something with an end to come. Like a surge of power, it ends. Want another? How about regime change? Instead of what it was an invasion. Again? It is called a war, but it is an occupation. Check history! You people are allowing these people dance you around like a cheap WHORE. Don't think so? Then why are all returning dead taboo to the media? Why are all services for the dead taboo to the media? Ok, family privacy, is a good call and in most cases legit. News of this would swing the support away from the bullsh*t that they have been cramming up your ass for 5 years.

Wake up people!

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