05 March 2008

He Is Gone--But will He Be Forgotten

Last night was a sad occasion indeed. First, John McCain finally got enough delegates to have this coronation as the Repub nominee. It is now official! It is a shame that the man of principles and independence, is selling all that out just so he can be the flagship of the Repub party.

Next! The Huck-ster is gone! ans with him will go his background at speeches, Chuck Norris. A sad, sad day! No more fried squirrel stories. No more humor on the stump. No more bass playing on the campaign trail. No more Huckabee to kick around.

I guess he decided that he would never catch Romney in delegate count and it was time to let McCain have his days in the sun. Now the GOP can concentrate on the Dems and their message. This should give them plenty of time to formulate a plan to campaign against whoever the Dem nominee is for this Fall.

I can smell the dirty, sleazy campaign ads as we speak. If you are interested in the Fall election i would suggest that you keep a bottle of Febreze next to the TV.

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