05 March 2008

Mini Super Tuesday Primaries

It is official now...McCain sweeps the primaries in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island now he has over 1200 delegates and now he is official...the Repub nominee.

the Dems were not so lucky. Clinton wins Ohio, Texas and Rhode island; Obama wins only Vermont. So the fight goes on...Clinton is not out and Obama still has the delegate lead. This will make Mississippi and Wyoming in the mix, both of them are in the Obama camp. Clinton will press on to Pennsylvania. she will use that to say to the delegates that she won the big states, population wise, and Obama cannot. but Obama will have the delegate lead. It is a nuthouse to keep up with.

It will be a media break for about 7 weeks, when Penn votes. They can throw all their fluff in for awhile. Howard Dean has got to now come up with a plan for the delegates from Mich and Fla. This is the most pressing thing on the agenda for now. The DNC has its back to the wall and most find an answer.

The best analysis of the nite was Rachel maddoe on MSNBC when she said that Obama should call clinton to congratulate her and see how many times the phone rings.

The race is basically a tie.....onto the rest of the contests and see who has the best resume for the delegates. Mississippi and wyoming are next--Good luck.

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