13 March 2008

The New Majority

Before I start my diatribe I would like to point out hat all my ranting about the damage being done to the Democrat Party has been vindicated. Last night on Keith Oldermann's show on MSNBC, Keith made the same points that I have been making for about a month. He also sees the Dem Party is all but pulling the plug on a win in November. Please check out my previous post his comments are there. God! I love my job!

Onto the new majority. In the beginning there was a "silent majority' and then there was the "moral majority" and now there is the "invisible majority". What the hell is that, Professor? The middle class. They are all but completely invisible to the candidates. Yeah, yeah, they are mentioned from time to time when it is politically prudent, but what do any of the candidates offer as a solution to the problems of the working class?

Do not hurt yourself, the answer is NOTHING! Most of their plans are to help business and not the workers. Another form of trickle down bullsh*t. That somehow if business is making money, everybody will. It is bullsh*t! How has that worked in the past? It has not worked in the past.

The workers are virtually invisible to everyone in the political arena. The media concentrates on the markets, while Average Joe is struggling to make a living. The problem is that no one is watching the backs of the workers. sure there is some form of pandering and the worker believes the crap and nothing changes.

I regret that the "invisible majority" will remain so, until the worker finally realizes they are being screwed daily by their representatives and maybe then they will demand to be heard. If not then they will continue to struggle and continue to be invisible to those in power.

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