04 March 2008


Recently Clinton or one of her surrogates, who really cares, has accused Obama of "plagiarism" for using a quote from a friends political speech. She made a big deal out of it in the last debate and she pushed it as far as she could. Did it help her? hell no!

She still taunts her audiences with the experience thing. that she would be ready to go--on day one--a really irritating term--why does she continue to use this tact, it has not played well in the last 11 contests but yet there it is--experience--yet again. anyway, I digress, on MSNBC's Morning Joe, they were discussing her experience and Obama's lack there of. Joe Scarborough used the analog of if one was needing a surgeon, would you pick one with 35 yrs experience or the one with a year or less. I mean i do not always agree with Joe, but he had a good point.

But wait! yesterday on a stump speech in Ohio, Clinton used the very same analogy with the very same years of experience. Almost word for word.....now is that the same "plagiarism" that Obama was accused of recently? Since Joe seems to be in the Clinton camp, I doubt that it will be brought up.

BTW, my take on that whole experience thing was would you pick a doc with 35 yrs experience that had been sued 10 times for malpractice or the young doc just out of med school? Personally, I want the one that has not sewed his ring up in some poor patient. Just a thought!

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