19 March 2008

The Day After

Yes, what is next? Well Obama made his speech to shut the critics the hell up, all but one, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, but he does have a point about the blue collar worker that has been manipulated like a cheap whore over the years, and they may be taken a back by the speech. But if they get their news from FOX or ABC or MSNBC then they are not getting the whole speech. I as them to either listen to it or read before they snap off their hemorrhoids by their asses slamming shut.

But that was yesterday and now I want to talk about today, what can Clinton do to try and take the media's attention off Obama and return it to her. Thinking.....thinking....she has released her papers to the press. Tax returns and such, that should give a little rest from the Obama speech.

But she may still be in the background, the speech was way too inspiring to be replaced by a ba-zillion pages of crap the Clinton's want you to know.

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