18 March 2008

Help The Speculators!

Recently, I heard Pres. Bush say that it was not the governments job to bail out speculators......thinking.....the bail out of Bear-Sterns is bailing out speculators. I guess he meant small speculators not the large corporations that speculate. Ask yourself, how many small businesses would the government bail out of financial trouble? That is an easy one to answer---NONE!

The free market is not working in the financial sector, it needs massive transfusion of government money. So please stop using the term, "FREE MARKET"! It is not free. Especially to the taxpayer. So it is somehow okay to use tax money to bail out corporations, but not to help Aunt Lucy with her medical problems. Where is that a country for the people?

Your vote in November, as it is shaking out, will present little relief from these governmental tactics. Don't worry. Be happy.

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