07 March 2008

The Clinton/Obama Drama

Alrighty then, its on sucka! The media battle that is commencing in the media between Clinton and Obama will be the best thing that could happen for McCain. All the negativity on the Dem side will draw media attention away from McCain. Such as his flip-flopping on torture, or the lobbyist in his campaig, or the selling of his prin ciples just to gain more Repub support. And that his campaign really is nothing more than a continuation of the Bush years.

Plus the in-fighting of the Dems will turn off some voters and that could strengthen McCain's appeal ti independents. It is only a matter of time before the negativity drives a wedge between the two camps that may prove to be a defeatist approach.

McCain is not that far behind either Clinton or Obama in the national polls. This in-fighting can only harm the Dems. Think about it, the party of the people, a black man and a woman, at each others throats will be repugnant to some. The party that fought for civil rights and woman's rights in the middle of a battle between the sexes and the races.

The only winner of this battle will be McCain. and once again the Democrats will have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Something they are excelling at. It is just pathetic!

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